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January 10, 2012

The Rum Diary by Hunter S Thompson

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Title: The Rum Diary Author: Hunter S. Thompson Genre: Fiction Publisher: Simon and Schuster Release Date: 2011-10-04 Pages: 224 Meeting: 16th November 2006

For the first time in the history of Bibliofemme a bookclub choice was rejected by the Femmes – not this book I hasten to add. Not my proudest moment but in my defence I have a baby now!

The book I chose which shall remain nameless as I do not wish to upset anyone was met with a resounding groan. A panic purchase by me and recommended by the

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An Open Swimmer by Tim Winton

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Title: An Open Swimmer Author: Tim Winton Genre: General Fiction Publisher: Pan Macmillan Release Date: 2003 Pages: 192 Meeting: Friday 20th May 2005

Tim Winton’s first novel is a classic character study, where not much happens.

To begin with we are presented with Jerra Nilsam, a young man who is desperately searching for some sort of meaning in his life. The novel is based along the Western Australian coastline and revolves around conversations, camping, reflection, fishing, letters, relationships

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Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Suskind

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Title: Perfume Author: Patrick Süskind Genre: Fiction Publisher: Vintage Books Release Date: 2001 Pages: 255 Meeting: 12th March 2007

Synopsis Survivor, genius, perfumer, killer: this is Jean-Baptiste Grenouille. He is abandoned on the filthy streets of Paris as a child, but grows up to discover he has an extraordinary gift: a sense of smell more powerful than any other human’s. Soon, he is creating the most sublime fragrances in all the city. Yet, there is one

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Adverbs by Daniel Handler

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Title: Adverbs Author: Daniel Handler Genre: Fiction Publisher: Harper Collins Release Date: 2009-10-06 Pages: 288

Meeting: 22nd August 2007

I didn’t realise it was my turn to pick the book this month until the Connoisseur sent out a reminder email the week of bookclub. So in a panic I asked a girl in work for a recommendation, knowing that she is a complete ‘bookhead’.

Her first suggestion she described as a book that

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The Shadow of the Sun: My African Life by Ryszard Kapuscinski

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Title: The Shadow of the Sun Author: Ryszard Kapuscinski, Klara Glowczewska, Genre: Biography & Autobiography Publisher: Penguin UK Release Date: 2002-03-28 Pages: 336 Meeting: Friday 19th November 2004

I chose this book for two particular reasons. I liked the idea of reading a Polish author (the majority of our authors being, Irish, English or American) and the book itself was recommended to me.

The Shadow of the Sun is a hard book to categorise. It’s not quite a biography and it isn’t really a travel book, so the only way I can describe

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The Weight of Water by Anita Shreve

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Title: The Weight of Water Author: Anita Shreve Genre: Fiction Publisher: Back Bay Books Release Date: 2004 Pages: 288 Meeting: Friday 1st November 2002

The Weight of Water is beautifully written but leaves many frustrating questions unanswered. A contemporary story about two couples and a child in a sailboat off the coast of New Hampshire is intertwined with the tale of a 19th century double murder which took place on a nearby island.

Told from two perspectives – a photographer investigating

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Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells

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Title: Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood Author: Rebecca Wells Genre: Fiction Publisher: Harper Perennial Release Date: 2004-12-07 Pages: 400 Meeting: Friday 19th July 2002

When Siddalee Walker, eldest daughter of Vivi Abbott Walker (Ya-Ya extraordinaire – part Scarlett, part Katharine Hepburn, part Tallulah) is interviewed about a hit play she has directed, her mother is described as a ‘tap-dancing child abuser’. Enraged, Vivi disowns Sidda – devastating her daughter who postpones her wedding

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Double Fault by Lionel Shriver

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Title: Double Fault Author: Lionel Shriver, Barrington Saddler LLC, Genre: Fiction Publisher: Harper Perennial Release Date: 2009-03-31 Pages: 352 Meeting: 5th June 2007

Every once in a while I am lucky enough to read a book that is amazing. Earlier this year I read We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver, and it was one of ‘those’ books. While simultaneously loving every minute of reading it and kicking myself for not picking it for bookclub the idea to pick a Shriver book for the club to read

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Timoleon Vieta Come Home by Dan Rhodes

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Title: Timoleon Vieta Come Home Author: Dan Rhodes Genre: Fiction Publisher: Harvest Books Release Date: 2004 Pages: 226 Meeting: Monday 26th April 2004

The protagonists of this tale are billed as an aged homosexual composer, his dog and a “mysterious Bosnian”.

Cockroft, a retired composer and socialite, moves in Umbria, rural Italy following ostracism in his native England. Surviving on royalties he lives lonely and secluded life filled with flings, affairs and his dogs. Tomoleon Vieta

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The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith

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Title: The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency Author: Alexander McCall Smith Genre: Fiction Publisher: Anchor Release Date: 1998 Pages: 235 Meeting: Tuesday 12th December 2004

Demian is the story of Emil Sinclair told in the first person. Emil comes from a religious (Christian) family and is essentially a good child. The novel opens with the awakening of Emil to life outside the bubble of childhood and family to individuality, good, evil and the grey area in between. This can be seen as a coming-of-age tale, a meditation

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