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January 10, 2012

The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler

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Title: The Jane Austen Book Club Author: Karen Joy Fowler Genre: General Fiction Release Date: 2004 Pages: 288

This delicious book is a witty comedy of contemporary manners, as well as a charming homage to the art of novel-writing. Brought together by a shared love of Jane Austen, five women and one man meet monthly to discuss her six novels. As the six characters go in search of the author – each has their own “private Austen” – they

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Never No More by Maura Laverty

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Title: Never No More Author: Maura Laverty Genre: Classics Publisher: Virago Press Release Date: 1985-01-01 Pages: 308

When I was a little one, with a voracious appetite for books and cooking, one of the books that I devoured was my Nana’s well-used copy of Full and Plenty by Maura Laverty. The distinctive blue and yellow covers contained a treasury of old Irish recipes but the icing on the cake for me were the stories with which Laverty started each chapter

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Pinhead Duffy by Helena Close

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Title: Pinhead Duffy Author: Helena Close Genre: Fiction Publisher: Blackstaff Press Release Date: 2005 Pages: 250

Set in 1970s Limerick, Pinhead Duffy tells the story of four young men at a turning point in their lives. It is the last summer between primary and secondary school and the four boys – Sean, Dodge, Eyebrows and Pinhead – are looking forward to a good one.

At thirteen they are beginning to notice girls and Pinhead, the leader of their gang

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Soft Target by Stephen Leather

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Title: Soft Target Author: Stephen Leather Genre: Fiction Publisher: Coronet Release Date: 2005 Pages: 520

Although I have not read Hard Landing by Stephen Leather, the prequel to Soft Target, the name Stephen Leather rang a bell with me. So when this book arrived, I settled down to what I imagined would be a good read. Luckily I was not disappointed.

Dan ‘Spider’ Shepherd is an undercover cop, working ostensibly as a hired killer. Larry Hendrickson

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The Bone People by Keri Hulme

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Title: The bone people Author: Keri Hulme Genre: Fiction Publisher: Penguin Group USA Release Date: 1988 Pages: 450

The Bone People was one of the books that I considered picking for my last, pre-New Zealand, bookclub. Instead, due to the lack of Kiwi books available in Irish bookshops, we ended up with The Colour. Rose Tremain’s novel wasn’t bad – particularly in its evocation of the landscape and weather of New Zealand – but, having read

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The Sea by John Banville

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Title: The Sea Author: John Banville Genre: Fiction Publisher: Vintage Release Date: 2006 Pages: 195

One of the first things that strikes the reader upon starting The Sea is the sense of familiarity on encountering its protagonist Max Morden. John Banville’s characters are certainly distinct from one another but occupy the same Venn diagram of self-satisfied, unfulfilled smugness as each other. Their morality is in a constant state of dishabille

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The Book of Evidence by John Banville

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Title: The Book of Evidence Author: John Banville Genre: Detective and mystery stories Publisher: Pan Macmillan Release Date: 1998 Pages: 219

While many book lovers know who John Banville is, quite a lot haven’t read any of his work. The reasons are possibly that Banville has a weighty literary rep that inspires awe and fear in equal measures. My first introduction to him is The Book of Evidence and based on this, his back catalogue beckons.

For a writer of literary fiction, it’s

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Three Weeks with My Brother by Nicholas Sparks, Micah Sparks

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Title: Three Weeks with My Brother Author: Nicholas Sparks, Micah Sparks Genre: Biography Publisher: Sphere Pages: 384

Nicholas Sparks is probably best known for his books The Notebook and Message in a Bottle. In January 2003, Sparks and his brother Micah set off on a three-week trip around the world. Always close from early childhood, this trip was another milestone in the brothers’ lives as, by their early thirties, they were the only two surviving members

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Company of Three by Jennifer MacCann

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Title: Company of Three Author: Jennifer MacCann Genre: Domestic fiction Release Date: 2005-01-01 Pages: 380

In this novel of first love, Anna's dull little life turns upside-down when the beautiful, witty Angela takes her under her wing and the gorgeous Marcus stumbles into her life.

Three young people are sharing a house in Dublin. Anna is a junior editor in a publishing house. Working for a woman who has no taste in literature, Anna’s life is a

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The Truth Club by Grace Wynne-Jones

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Title: The Truth Club Author: Grace Wynne-Jones Publisher: Accent Press Pages: 408

Sally Adams has a confusing life. She has a job as a freelance journalist and a group of very supportive friends. She is even on good terms with her ex-husband Diarmuid – but why is he her ex? Why does she avoid writing her articles? Why has her perfectly satisfactory life suddenly lost its meaning?

Sally’s great aunt Aggie is dying and

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