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January 10, 2014

The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

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Title: The Red Tent Author: Anita Diamant Genre: Fiction Publisher: Macmillan Release Date: 1997-09-15 Pages: 321

During Biblical times, the red tent was the place where women would gather during menstruation and childbirth.

This book tells the story of Jacob and his 12 sons, including Joseph of the “amazing technicolour coat” fame – but from a different point of view. Our narrator is Jacob’s only daughter Dinah, who warrants just a passing

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January 10, 2012

The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen

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Title: The Corrections Author: Jonathan Franzen Genre: Avarice Publisher: HarperCollins UK Release Date: 2007 Pages: 653

Meeting: 24th November 2007

I initially set out to find a book that would have us sitting around discussing what life is all about. After some Internet searching, I asked the advice of two of my closest friends, who as luck would have it, are also English graduates. After perusing the reviews of several of their recommendations, I decided Jonathan

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The Last King of Scotland by Giles Foden

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Title: The Last King of Scotland Author: Giles Foden Genre: Historical Fiction Publisher: Vintage Books Release Date: 1999 Pages: 335
Meeting: 5th July 2007

As a child I devoured every book within reach, many of which, I probably shouldn’t have been reading! One of those books, which I read when I was about 10, was about the terrible reign of Ugandan President Idi Amin, complete with photos of his victims. It was a book that haunted me for a long time and, since then, I’ve had an interest

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Schopenhauer’s Telescope by Gerard Donovan

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Title: Schopenhauer's Telescope Author: Gerard Donovan Genre: Historical Fiction Publisher: Counterpoint Press Release Date: 2004-05 Pages: 306 Meeting: Thursday 26th August 2004

Like most of the others I found it slow to begin. Donovan won me over from page one with his beautiful writing and description but the characters of the Teacher and the Baker left me cold until at least half way through. I would have been happy to put it down and never finish it until I got closer to the end, but now I’m very glad that I did.


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The Pursuit of Love by Nancy Mitford

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Title: The Pursuit of Love Author: Nancy Mitford Genre: Historical Fiction Publisher: Vintage Books USA Release Date: 1945 Pages: 214 Meeting: Thursday 26th February 2004

I’ve long been interested in the Mitford sisters, although have been known to mix them up with the Langhorne sisters on occasion (James Fox’s book on that quintet of Virginians who cut a swathe through pre-WWI Anglo-American society is also worth checking out). Nancy, Pamela, Diana, Unity, Decca and Debo Mitford came of age in England

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The Colour by Rose Tremain

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Title: The Colour Author: Rose Tremain Genre: Historical Fiction Publisher: Random House Release Date: 2004 Pages: 366 Meeting: Friday 8th October 2004

As I head off for the far-flung shores of New Zealand, I wanted my last Bibliofemme choice to reflect the coming changes in my own circumstances. An extended search for books by authors from that country was unfruitful but I eventually discovered Rose Tremain’s The Colour, a book not by a New Zealander but about New Zealand, specifically the

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Ice Road by Gillian Slovo

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Title: Ice Road Author: Gillian Slovo Genre: Historical Fiction Publisher: Virago Press Release Date: 2005 Pages: 544

Ice Road is a chilling and desperate story. Based in Leningrad during Stalin’s reign, Gillian Slovo uses a humble cleaner, Irina Davydovna, as her central character. Russia was never an easy place to live but, during Stalin’s rule and with the onslaught of World War II around the corner, it could only get worse.

Irina, though only a humble

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Monday’s Warriors by Maurice Shadbolt

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Title: Monday's Warriors Author: Maurice Shadbolt Genre: Fiction Publisher: David R. Godine Publisher Release Date: 1990 Pages: 308

Taking a Yankee, putting him into the British army and throwing him into the middle of the Maori Land Wars of the 1860s could almost be seen as over-egging the pudding yet Kimball Bent of the State of Maine in the USA, Maurice Shadbolt’s anti-hero in Monday’s Warriors, is based on a real man. Sometimes life is, indeed, stranger than fiction

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In the Company of the Courtesan by Sarah Dunant

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Title: In the Company of the Courtesan Author: Sarah Dunant Genre: Courtesans Publisher: Virago Press Release Date: Jan 1 2013 Pages: 408

After the success of The Birth of Venus, Sarah Dunant returns to the realm of historical fiction for In the Company of the Courtesan. Like her earlier book, this is also set in the same time period, the 1500s, and location – Renaissance Italy. The courtesan of the title is the beautiful and celebrated Fiammetta Bianchini and one of the most

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Years by La Vyrle Spencer

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Title: Years Author: LaVyrle Spencer Genre: Fiction Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group Release Date: 2013 Pages: 481

Stepping nervously off a train to take up her first job as a teacher in Alamo, North Dakota, eighteen-year-old Linnea gets an unfriendly welcome from Teddy Westgaard. Deciding immediately that she’s the wrong person for the job, Teddy reluctantly brings her back to his house where she is to lodge with his mother and son, and Linnea begins to

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